4th Asian Cup (AC) and TT

第4回アジアカップ & トーナメントトロフィー

Schedule, 4th Grand Masters Hockey Asian Cup & TT 20170917
Schedule of GM-AC and H-TT 20170917.PDF
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23,Oct(Mon) 15:30-16:30 Opening Ceremony
24,Oct (Tue) 10:00 (Changed) TT Game1: AllianceHC vs Southern Cross
  12:00 (Changed) TT Game2: Japan65+ vs EnglandLX
  14:00 AC Game1: Japan vs Singapore
  16:00 AC Game2: Korea vs Hong Kong
25,Oct(Wed) 10:00 TT Game3: Southern Cross vs EnglandLX
  12:00 TT Game4: Japan65+ vs AllianceHC
  14:00 AC Game3: Malaysia vs Hong Kong
  16:00 AC Game4: Japan vs Korea
26,Oct(Thu) 10:00 AC Game5: Malaysia vs SIngapore
  18:00 Official Dinner Party
27,Oct(Fri) 10:00 TT Game5: EnglandLX vs AllianceHC
  12:00 TT Game6: Japan65+ vs Southern Cross
  14:00 AC Game6: Japan vs Hong Kong
28,Oct(Sat) 10:00 AC Game7: Korea vs Malaysia
  12:00 AC Game8: Hong Kong vs Singapore
  14:00 TT 3rd Place Match (3rd vs 4th)
29,Oct(Sun) 10:00 AC Game9: Korea vs Singapore
  12:00 AC Game10: Japan vs Malaysia
  14:00 TT Final (1st vs 2nd)
  16:00 Closing Ceremony
Schedule, 4th Grand Masters Hockey Asian Cup & TT (Old)
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