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    Adrian Stephenson (金曜日, 24 11月 2017 19:59)

    The whole tournament was a great success and the hospitality of our hosts was exceptional. The hockey was well managed and all matches ran to time even when the weather threatened to disrupt things. I am sure that everyone will now be looking for a reason to return to Japan - perhaps for GM World Cup 2020!

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    Administrator of this website (水曜日, 01 11月 2017 23:26)

    OK, I will keep this website alive.

    Thank you for your comments and I'm sorry for late reply.

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    Adrian Stephenson (金曜日, 27 10月 2017 16:51)

    Very good to see this website now available to all. We are arranging a link from the WGMA website so please keep this website alive after the tournament.